First Tech Talk Night

Come join us for our inaugural Tech Talk Night and learn something new from our three presentations. This is a new format and will be recurring monthly going forward. Introduction to Elixir By Karmen Blake Come get an introduction to a language whose syntax and ecosystem are top-notch and actively been in development since 2012. Built on top of the BEAM (Erlang Virtual Machine) it relies on decades of industry-strength stability of Erlang.

July Meeting Recap

![Beers and menu]({{ “/assets/images/07-18/IMG_3159.jpg” | absolute_url }}) We had a great turnout for July. Several new folks showed up from different tech related industries like home automation. ![Fluffy dog]({{ “/assets/images/07-18/IMG_3157.jpg” | absolute_url }}) ![Beers]({{ “/assets/images/07-18/IMG_3158.jpg” | absolute_url }}) How to Find The Group I’m not sure if everybody who RSVPed was in attendance and I apologize if you missed the notification of where to find us. I had sent out a notification to those that were planning to attend around 2pm and then a couple more people RSVPed and didn’t get the notification.

Upcoming Meeting on Thursday

As a reminder, we have an upcoming meeting this Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 6:00pm. The venue this time around is Mad Bomber Brewing in Hayden. Further details on how to find the group will be sent out the day of the meeting. Mad Bomber Brewing9265 N Government WayHayden, ID 83835