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First Tech Talk Night

Come join us for our inaugural Tech Talk Night and learn something new from our three presentations. This is a new format and will be recurring monthly going forward.

Introduction to Elixir

By Karmen Blake

Come get an introduction to a language whose syntax and ecosystem are top-notch and actively been in development since 2012. Built on top of the BEAM (Erlang Virtual Machine) it relies on decades of industry-strength stability of Erlang. In a world where multicore systems are increasing, Elixir leverages that natively and makes concurrency approachable. The language allows you to build and design fault-tolerant systems so that you can confidently rely on long running applications. Also, come see other tools and frameworks that rely on Elixir: Phoenix (realtime web applications), Nerves (apps for embedded hardware), and Scenic (UI applications)

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Basics of Marketing for Techies

By David Teich

Even in a startup, engineers and developers need to already be thinking about the market, the benefits of your solution to the market, and how to create messages for the target market. If you’re in IT, your market is your internal employees and the basics of marketing can help you too. This presentation is a brief explanation of why marketing matters, what marketing is, and the 4 P’s of marketing.

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To Do Lists and Getting Things Done

By Dakotah Peña

Learn how to turbocharge your to-do lists (or learn to start using them) for your personal and professional life using Getting Things Done.

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We’re always open to more talks or future presentations. If you are interested please send a message or email dakotah@lakedistrict.space.